What would your superhero nurse name be?


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Every nurse is a hero in our eyes, but we know many nurses wish they could have some superhero abilities to make their jobs a little easier! We asked our Facebook fans to come up with their superhero nurse names and special powers; read on for their hilarious, touching and very practical answers! And if one of your fellow nurses is an everyday hero, nominate him or her for the California Casualty “Hero of the Month” award and your nurse will be entered to win a $10,000 luxury cruise. After all, even superheroes need a little R&R every once in awhile!


My superhero nurse name would be…

“‘Empower Nurse,’ who is able to make each nurse feel as powerful as s/he truly is!”
—Margaret A. Fitzgerald

“‘Flash.’ Not only would I get the work done, I would have time to stop and talk with my patients and hear what matters most in their lives.”
—Sara Panter

“‘Scrubs Nurse.’ And my power would be make everything sterile by touch…no more contamination!”
—Abigail Pamintuan

“‘Anticipator the Step Ahead’–when I sense that a situation needs something, I am either getting it or on my way to get it already!”
—Mary Beth Casey

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