What your scrubs say about your personality

5. Contrasting Solids

What these scrubs say about you: I don’t want to wear the same thing every day. At the same time, I’m not ready to take the leap and start wearing printed scrubs. On a good day, my color combos make me look vibrant and put together. On a bad day, you wonder if I just rolled out of bed and pulled mismatched scrubs from my closet because nothing else was clean.

6. Hearts and Flowers

What these scrubs say about you: My scrubs may seem a little warm and gooey sometimes, but I’m the nurse you want by your side when you’re having a rough day. Those pretty hearts and flowers are like a sign that says “Compassion dispensed here.” I’m not afraid to show my softer side.

7. Cartoon Characters

What these scrubs say about you: I don’t take life too seriously, but I’m confident that my skills and training will show everyone that I do take my job seriously. Some coworkers think I dress childishly. I don’t care. My focus is on making patients smile, not on impressing anyone else.

8. Athletic Stretch

What these scrubs say about you: For me, a work shift sometimes feels like running a marathon. My most important goal in selecting scrubs is staying comfortable, wrinkle-free and dry. Patients can trust me to make their comfort a priority, too. I’m relaxed and approachable.

9. Spotless Whites

What these scrubs say about you: I take pride in keeping my person and my work environment squeaky clean. You might think I’m a bit old-fashioned and unrealistic about what kind of nasty gunk I’m going to encounter on my shift, but you still respect my commitment to looking starched and stain-free.

Do these characterizations fit you? And did we miss any styles that you love to wear?

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