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Have you picked up the latest issue of Scrubs yet? Read a selection of the featured articles, then hurry to your local uniform retailer for more compelling news, fun articles, and new scrubs styles we love! (Psst! You can find a participating store here.)
Vital Signs: News for nurses on life, style and work.

Beauty Rx: To the rescue: Tips and tricks in answer to your questions.

All About You: Monia Sayah, RN, travels to disease-plagued hot spots around the globe, and she’s a better nurse—and person—for doing it. By Mary Duffy

Innovations: Stay tuned for a revolution in infection prevention, control and treatment. By Katy Dockery

Scrubs Chic: Lights! Camera! Action! Get ready to save the day in super scrubs armed to fight bacteria.

Well-Being: The Friendship Diet shows that winning at losing is so much easier on the buddy system. By Catherine Ettlinger

On Duty: How to avoid getting sidetracked by burnout, compassion fatigue and moral distress. By Francoise Mathieu, MEd, CCC, and Leslie McLean, MScN, RN

Work-Study: Being gravely ill was more than life-changing for this RN-to-be—it was career-changing, too. By Elizabeth Farrell

Shopping: Everything you need to know to score some of the scrubs featured in these stories.

And Another Thing: If only you had superpowers…think how easily you could get your job done. By Agatha Lellis, RN




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