What’s in vogue for scrubs this summer?

Spring is flying by and summer is almost here. It’s time to rock your scrubs wardrobe with light and breezy couture. Vogue has the scoop on the latest fashions from top designers for 2011, and we’ll show you how to express your sense of style with scrubs that mimic these signature looks.

Going Gaultier
There’s never anything subtle about the showstopping designs from Jean Paul Gaultier. The rainbow of colors in this smoking jacket-style blazer with black detailing would turn heads on or off the runway.

Jean Paul Gaultier Couture

You can tone it down just a little with this bold multicolor floral Shakira print with black trim from Cherokee. Wear this form-fitting warm-up jacket unzipped a third of the way down to capture some of the casual elegance of the original look.

Cherokee Uniforms Zip Front Warm-up

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