What’s your work wish?!

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Picture this: In the middle of your shift, the floor starts trembling and smoke suddenly appears. Is it an earthquake? A fire? Before you can duck and cover, the mist starts to clear, revealing…a genie (bear with us)! He’s arrived to grant you one work-related wish! We asked our Facebook fans what they’d ask for—read on for their funny, practical and touching responses.


What’s your work wish?!

All of my thoughts and scrap paper notes would magically form coherent and complete charting!
—Erin Spencer

Can I pee?? Can I? Can I?
—Tammy Lynn Horne

Tireless legs and feet, eight arms (while at work only), a huge amount of patience, no codes”¦I have too many wishes!
—Carol Edmonson

Please grant us abundant staff, full stomachs and empty bladders for ALL the shifts my colleagues and I work. Thank you!
—Marina Giorgakis

How about $1 for every time I answer the question “When will the doctor be here?”
—Michelle Stone-Moore

For all patients and families to say “please” and “thank you” and understand they’re not at the Ritz-Carlton!
—Karen Lawlor Sanom

To have us staff based on patient acuity and not on numbers. Combination of 12 total and AMS patients is not equal to 12 walkie-talkie patients!!!
—Jessacca Shelton

For all my patients suffering with pain to be without pain.
—Tanage Moore

A special pill to keep patients from having Code Browns in their beds….
—Steve Adams

A second pair of legs I can change into when the first ones wear out!
—Donna Levandoski-Castellino

A Mini-Me. I do bedside care and medicating, Mini-Me does all the writing!
—Paul Cabreros

A FULL 30-minute lunch break!!!
—Ruth Brockelbank

Cure all cancers.
—Liz Johnston

To have an RN from administration come work the floor for a week.
—Michelle Lindsey Nuchols

—Linda Wicks Creedon

Bring the teamwork and passion back, and care for each other as we come together to care for the critically ill. And most of all, stop the gossip.
—Lacresha Hearn

Make all people understand that nurses are both the backbone and the heart of the healthcare system.
—Kilang Nokdir

If a genie appeared on your shift to grant you one work-related wish, what would you wish for?

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