When did healthy become unpopular?

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*Warning: personal rant to follow*

Since when did being health-aware and being interested or passionate about increasing your wellness become off color? Where the heck was I when being unhealthy became the ‘in’ thing??

That’s our society’s problem. This is the real reason why we have our obesity problem. This is the truth behind the impending strain on our health care system because we are all ‘sick’. It’s more popular to not care about my body’s health, and follow the ‘herd’ by scoffing at anything that would improve the state of my health.

Oh, you know I’m right.

Why is it you get the dirty looks from your co-workers when you turn down the latest sweet treat offered at the nurses station (or break room)?

Why do people get offended that you refused their offering of candy?

Why in the world do I get the crookedly-frowning face when I politely say no thank you to ANY food that I know is unhealthy?

Why do I hear the moans and snide comments when I snack on an apple or banana instead of a candy bar?

Why do I have to explain myself when I choose to be healthy in anyway? “Oh, you’re one of those people”. One of what people!?? You mean one of those people that gives a damn about living and not suffering??

Why is that our own family and friends have no spines? Instead of supporting our efforts we become the butt end of a joke? We get laughed at, or made fun of in some strange condescending manner. While it’s their own weak defense mechanism, it still makes me wonder why being fat, overweight, slovenly careless, or just plain ole’ lazy is the ‘cool’ thing to do??

Yet, these are the same people that don’t blink twice about making fun of the overweight person at the shopping mall or grocery store? When the heck did we become so blinded by our own foolishness? So blind that we forgot to look in the mirror.

Somehow the person making the effort to lower their cholesterol by exercising and eating right is not as cool or not as popular as the person who just takes another pill to correct their cholesterol? We rather take another pill than actually work for it.

It’s much cooler to die at a young age. It’s more ‘hip’ to suffer in pain from diabetic neuropathy, early onset arthritis (from extra weight your joints carry), and wheeze going up the stairs in your house (either from smoking, obesity or just laziness).

Apply for another handicap parking pass folks, since you can’t walk a far distance due to.. oh wait. Due to YOUR POOR health choices.


It’s maddening to think that in order for me to be cool I need to dig my grave faster.

I guess I’ll never be cool. Anyone else care to be un-cool with me?

Don’t say I didn’t warn ya.

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5 Responses to When did healthy become unpopular?

  1. Maureen

    My father, a heart-transplant recipient, parked his van in a handicap zone one day at Walmart.(yes, he had a placard) A 500+ pound woman parked two spaces away in a non-handicap spot and screamed at him and my mother for parking in the handicap zone when, “I can see there’s nothing wrong with either of you!” He hadn’t been home for 2 months and my mother was already feeling the effects of cancer. I wanted to rip into that woman that overeating is not a handicap, but held my tongue…she was a truly sorry person!

  2. D RN

    Wow, what an amazingly heartless rant. In trying to defend your own feelings of prosecution as a so-called healthy person, you have managed to offend overweight people, myself included, in a way I have not heard in a long time. As a “nurse”, you should know that being overweight is not necessarily a result of one being “lazy or slovenly careless”. And those of us who are are not “choosing” to suffer ailments, illness and early death. Your opinions on overweight people are so misguided, I wonder how you treat overweight patients. Do you show the kindness and compassion a true nurse should show or do you show the judgement, criticism and prejudice you convey in this blog?
    Yes, I am a nurse…yes, I am overweight….but yes, I have a heart and care for my patients (and people in general) no matter their size or circumstance. That’s what makes a truly good nurse and human being. You might just want to get up off your high horse and think about that for a minute.

  3. Sean Dent Scrubs Blogger

    @ Maureen Thanks for sharing your story.

    @ D RN Thank you for your comment.

  4. Frogeyes10

    Sean, I could not agree more! It is amazing how many comments I get when sitting down @ the table for lunch with my fellow nurses. Some days I find a quiet corner to eat by myself so I don’t have to listen to them analyze my healthy food choices!

  5. Sean Dent Scrubs Blogger

    @ frogeyes10 Thank you for sharing. Maybe I’m not alone on this one.