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When do diets start?


diets start

Image Source: Graph Jam

This is such a powerful, yet honest depiction of why diets do not work. When do diets start? Hmm..? As you can see from the graph the majority of ‘diets’ start tomorrow? What does that tell you?

Well it tells me that the so-called diet was ‘broken’ or you ‘cheated’ on your diet, so you’ll just start over tomorrow (does this sound familiar at all). The truth of the matter is dieting does not work (I think I’ve said this once or twice). Dieting implies something temporary. It something you ‘subscribe’ to for a set amount of time hoping for some life-changing event — ergo losing weight. Why do we give so much power to a temporary solution for a permanent problem? Yep — some if not most diets elicit results. Some more than other, but you do see results. I always grin from ear to ear when I hear someone shout with pride, “ My diet is working! I’ve lost (insert number here) pounds this week!”

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What about next week, or the week after? What about after you stop dieting? Or what about when you can’t do the ‘diet’ anymore? What then? In most cases you chalk it up as a failure. The diet didn’t work. You place blame on that temporary fix to your permanent problem.

Over the years I’ve discovered that diets and dieting has only solved one thing. They are only good at one thing — TEMPORARILY making you feel better about you and your weight. It somehow makes you and your ‘guilty’ conscious happy for the moment. You can feel better about your horrible eating habits and your unhealthy lifestyle because according to the scale you weigh less! So you must be doing something right! Right?!


All diets fail. All of them fail eventually. Some take longer than others, but the all eventually fail. The only ‘diets’ that succeed are those ‘diets’ that get you to make permanent lifestyle changes. When you start making it a part of your daily routine, a part of you and your functions 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year — that’s when you succeed. It is all about consistency. Doing something for a temporary amount of time is down right easy folks. Try doing something consistently day after day with no time frame. Make it permanent — and you will see permanent changes.

Here’s one final thought on this whole dieting craze: If what I am telling you is nothing but ‘hodge-podge’, then why is it when someone goes on a diet — they only make it public knowledge when it works?

Best of luck on your journey!

When Do Diets Start: – GraphJam: Music and Pop Culture in Charts and Graphs. Let us explain them.

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