Where Do I Go?

Another semester down! Med-Surg has been really tough for me this semester. Our exams were brutally hard and often cause me to get physically sick! Ah the joys of nursing school. I am so thankful that I passed this class. I think that med-surg in nursing school is so difficult because it is where you learn the bulk of information taught to you. I know I haven’t learned 1/4 in the past 3 years than what I did this semester! I really don’t know how med-surg nurses do it. Under-staffed, over-worked, and busy busy! I guess this sums up most nursing jobs, but I have a new appreciation for the med-surg nurse and I definitely know that I do not want to be one! I don’t think I could do what they do. God bless ’em!
So my question is, for all you nurses out there: did you always know you were going to end up working where you currently are? What are some of the worst jobs you ever held as a nurse. What nursing jobs weren’t for you? I love to ask these questions of nurses because they have all been in our shoes. You have to start somewhere right? People always tell me that “you have to start in med-surg to become a respectful nurse” or “if you work in ICU, you can work anywhere.” So, is there a proper place to start after I graduate? Can I just work where my heart leads me? Perhaps it will be wherever I am lucky enough to get a job at the time! I just know right now I want to work with sick babies. I want to provide the care that the wonderful nurses provided for my little one and still do. 

Whatever the road I decide to take as a nurse, I hope to be able to touch the lives of families as nurses have done for me in the past. Thanks to all you nurses out there! You are amazing people!

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