“Where’s the landmarks?”—A student nurse goes to war with a catheter

Okay. this woman is fabulous. This video is like nursing meets stand-up.

Actually, that may be exactly what this is?

If you’re game for a hearty laugh then lend your eyes to this video we dug up in honor of #FlashBackFriday. It’s a treat — we promise.

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4 Responses to “Where’s the landmarks?”—A student nurse goes to war with a catheter

  1. perrywinkle

    Reminds me of the time I asked a student if she would like to do a catheterization. “Oh, no, thank you, I have already done one.” I suspect she faced a stiff learning curve when she looked for landmarks on a few women that had had surgery or six children.

  2. xolo gumede

    I am new here and hope to enjoy…

  3. jwl

    I was smart about volunteering for catheterizations. Although I was a young female student, I always volunteered for MALE catheterizations, because there was only ONE place that catheter could go!

  4. Elizabeth

    we all have stories about catheterizations…..from when I was a student watching another student attempt to catheterize a young woman with hyperemesis gravidarum….with the whole class and instructor watching. She asked the young instructor a question only to be told ‘ I’ve never actually done one myself’ to my last catheterization on an elderly woman from Sudan. The woman’s daughter was interpreting and when I went to catheterize the patient, she said in her language (and translated by her daughter) ‘are you going to play with me now?’