Who the heck has time to volunteer?

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Who has time to volunteer? Well, you should. No, really. You should!

Here’s are five reasons why you, busy nurse that you are, should take some of your precious spare time and use it for the greater good.

And once you commit to it, you’ll find that volunteering can be personally beneficial as well as rewarding to your career.

1. It makes us feel great.
Not only will we be helping our fellow citizens, but we’ll also be helping ourselves become better nurses!

2. We can make a difference.
Even the smallest of deeds can go a long way. What may seem to be a simple task could make a huge impact on someone’s life.

3. It looks terrific on a resume.
Employers love to see that a nurse is active in volunteering. It proves that the nurse isn’t afraid to get her hands dirty and rise to the occasion!

4. We can serve as role models!
Try to get your peers involved. Do-gooding is contagious and others will want to help, too!

5. It shows people what nursing is all about.
Set an example. Show everyone around you what it means to be a nurse. Nursing should apply to all aspects of our lives, not just at the bedside!

Where do I volunteer?

  • Local food pantry
  • Health fairs
  • Halfway homes for the abused
  • Blood drives
  • Children’s hospitals (always in need of volunteers!)
  • Coach a sports team for underprivileged kids

These are just a few examples of places you can get your feet wet for volunteer work. There are many more opportunities and avenues to explore. Find an area of interest and seek out ways to help. It can be a fun, exciting and altogether rewarding experience!

What’s your favorite cause or volunteering opportunity?

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