Who Wants to be a Millionaire? – Nurse?

This is for any nurse out there who hasn’t found there pot-o-gold. I’m sure all my fellow nurses out there are just ‘rollin’ in the ‘dough’ right? You have so much money that you just don’t know what to do with it right? Your house and your car are paid off. You don’t have any outstanding school loans. No credit card debt. Right?

No? Well then listen up!

Treat Your Money Like You Treat Your Patients…And You’ll Be a Millionaire

This is a quote from Dr. Dean Burke, a wonderful gentleman I ‘bumped’ into while surfing the social media circles of the internet (Twitter, Facebook, etc). Dr. Dean is all about helping nurses achieve financial freedom. He’s quite the nurse advocate I must say. And I don’t know about you — but money management is usually a source of stress and worry for me just about everyday of the week. We’re not drowning in any way, but it would be nice to have some ‘freedom’.


Dr. Dean has a website The Millionaire Nurse as well as a partnered blog. He seems to have a firm grip on what financial challenges we nurses face and puts a ‘real’ spin on what is possible, probable and achievable.

He’s running a survey (cough cough) … err I mean a contest right not trying to figure out what it is we nurses need when it comes to finances- Nursing Survey/Contest!!! | The Millionaire Nurse Blog. It seems there is quite the incentive to participate in a simple survey:

  • GRAND PRIZE: $150 Amazon Gift card
  • 5 Second Prizes-autographed copy of The Millionaire Nurse
  • 10 Third Prizes-a $10 gift card to SUBWAY!

What do you think? Take a gander? Take the survey?

What do you got to lose?

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