Why Choose Online CPR Recertification for Your Continuing Education Credits?


You know the drill: it’s time to renew your license by submitting proof of your Continuing Education credits. 

It always seems to come sooner than you expect; after all, you have a million other things on your mind, from that patient you can’t stop worrying about when off shift to how to handle the new hotshot doctor who always seems to be on your case. However, it’s an important component of remaining a great nurse, as the medical industry changes all the time, and you need to keep your life-saving skills sharp by practicing old techniques. 

Every state has different Continuing Education Unit requirements, but most require at least 15 hours to be submitted every two years. This might not seem a lot, but if you have to request time off for conferences or in-person classes, it quickly adds up to quite a lot of hassle. 

Thankfully, there’s a simple and streamlined option that will always be of help: CPR certificate renewal in a highly convenient online training class. Why is it such an excellent choice to knock out a few of those essential credits? Let’s take a look.

Online Classes Are Highly Convenient for Busy Professionals

You’re on the go constantly: not only do you have your many duties at work, but there’s always something to be done at home, too. It can seem like you never get a moment’s rest – especially as you feel like you’re always a nurse, even when you shed your scrubs and head home. 

This is why online CRP certification is such a great option. You don’t need to take time and head off to a conference room for a training session or book a hotel and fly out to a conference to get your credits, just pull up your tablet and sit down to learn. All you’ll need to schedule is your hands-on CPR practicum, which can be completed quickly and easily by an accredited instructor.

 You Can Transform Your Downtime Into Valuable Training Opportunities

As online CPR certification can be completed on your own schedule and at your own pace, you can take just a few minutes a day to brush up on these essential skills. This is especially great for on-call nurses in quieter facilities: you might have a long stretch of time where you’re technically working, but there’s nothing to do. 

Once you’ve exhausted your checklist, it’s tempting to settle down with a mobile game; however, you might find that your mind then struggles to focus when you’re inevitably called to a bedside, as it’s still geared to more trivial activities. Instead, you can keep your head in the game by working on your continuing education while you wait for new tasks, ready to jump in at a moment’s notice with your work focus intact.

You Truly Never Know When You Might Need to Intervene in an Emergency

If you’re not working in an ICU or ER, it may be rare to have to perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation or help someone having a seizure, such as occupational health nurses or public health nurses. Unfortunately, emergencies can’t be scheduled or predicted – and, as a medical professional, you’re called to help even when you pack your badge into your purse and change into your street clothes.

There’s no time to think through procedures when someone’s life is on the line: you have to be confident in your skills, as every second counts. Online CPR recertification helps cement this essential knowledge in your mind so you don’t have to draw your mind back through foggy memories of exactly where to place your hands for cardiopulmonary resuscitation or how to perform the Heimlich maneuver. 

It can make such a difference as you wait for other medical professionals to arrive and get your patient to the hospital – and you’ll know you did everything you could to help this person, no matter what the outcome of their incident might be. 

Final Thoughts

Choosing CPR credits for continuing education simply makes sense, as you need your skills to be ready at a moment’s notice; you know that training degrades over time, which is the very reason for Continuing Education Units. There are so many options to select when you’re looking to fill your CEU requirements, many of which are highly specialized to your field, but it’s always a great idea to go back to the basics: the very things that helped you feel energized to save lives when you signed up for your very first nursing courses. 

Convenient, affordable, and always applicable, online CPR recertification makes a great option for all nurses, no matter their specialty. Take a few minutes each day to prepare yourself for anything that life throws out of you, whether you’re on the clock or not.


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