Why Do We Love Vaping THC Instead of Smoking It?


Vaping has risen in the last five years, not only THC vaping. And one would wonder why a method similar to smoking has gained more recognition in less than half the time of joints. THC vape pens are more efficient, quick, convenient, and safer. Due to their better safety profile and other features- they are better. So let us look at the reasons why we prefer vaping to smoking.

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What Is THC?

THC is similar to CBD, present naturally in cannabis plants. More specifically, it is most common in marijuana plants. It has a debated reputation due to all its effects. But if you read genuine user reviews, you will be surprised to find their opinions.

Most people who use the substance have found immense relief from their issues. Others enjoy the relaxed state it puts them in. All-in-all, it is a helpful supplement for many people, as you can tell from the feedback. So, it is no wonder the cannabis market has seen rapid growth in the last few years.

But some products are even more popular than others. Vape pens are one such product that makes up nearly a third of the cannabis market. Their efficiency has made them rise over tens of other products to achieve this feat.

Reasons Behind Vaping’s Popularity Over Smoking

Although its safety plays a huge role in making vapes superior to joints, it is not the only reason behind their popularity. Vapes also have many other features which the users find convenient.

Most user reviews mention some of their favorite reasons they switch to vaping. Here are some of them to help you understand why one product gets chosen over the other:

  • Vaping Is Safer Than Smoking

Smoking a joint and using a vape may not seem that different, but they’re miles apart. While both use the inhalation method to make THC enter your body, the latter is safer. By saying safer, we don’t necessarily mean safe.

Smoke, aside from nicotine, is one of the primary evils in lung-related issues caused by smoking. However, the smoke and chemicals of the joint or cigarette are far more harmful. Water vapor is still a subtle carrier that can deliver THC. People who want to switch from smoking THC can do so through vaping. But remember that this does not make vaping safe automatically. It means that it is a better alternative, not a solution.

  • Vaping Is More Intense

Vaping brings about much more potent effects than smoking does. Though both come close in intensity, the vapes win by a slight margin. Through the vaping process- you only have the vaping base and THC extract going into your body.

Especially if you are using vape juice or hash, the THC concentration must be even higher. But smoking also has a higher concentration of smoke, flower residue, etc. So, though it is effective, it is not as effective as vaping. Plus, users have found that when vaped, the THC’s effects last longer and better. Although it is more individual experience based, you are more likely to have a better experience with vaping.

  • Vaping Is More Discreet

Yes, you might doubt this point as you might have seen people do large vapor clouds with THC vapes. However, not all THC vapes must emit large amounts of vapor you can spot from a mile.

Instead, most normal-use vapes have a much more discreet vapor. It dissipates into the air almost as soon as you exhale it. So, you should not worry about being seen when vaping in a shared space. You should find the right type with the perfect PG or VG ratio.

Moreover, it does not have a distinct smell- unless you choose the ones with potent flavorings. So, after you finish vaping, it won’t bother other people with a lingering scent of the product.

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  • Vaping Is Affordable

You might think that vaping costs more since it is complicated equipment. However, vaping is much more cost-efficient if you look beyond the initial purchase. Let us see the total expenditure side-by-side to get a better understanding.

Depending on size, a pack of cannabis flowers would yield 10-20 joints. And the same amount of money would buy you a disposable vape pen. You would have to smoke one joint to feel its effects. But with the vapes, even one puff would be enough to yield the desired benefits. And the reusable vape pen would last for years- you would only need more vape juice.

Of course, this varies from one person to another, but most people need a minimal amount to relieve stress or relax. So ultimately, buying vape juice costs less than purchasing the buds to make joints every time.

  • Vaping Is Convenient

Most people think that vaping is too complicated, so they don’t even try it. Believe it or not, a complex machine is easy to use. But the process has so few steps which anyone can follow easily.

So vaping is much easier than using joints in most cases. If you must roll the joints, you will have double the work. But even with pre-rolled ones, the lighting process and dosing may seem difficult to many.

To use a vape pen, you only need to press a button. Then you can take a draw to get the vapor out and into your mouth. Again, the dosing process may seem tricky here, but the usage is much simpler.


Smoking joints may have been trendy in the past, but now that place is for vape pens. They are relatively safer to use than the joints. Since they have superior features to joints or cigarettes, more people enjoy them.

Moreover, they are simple, affordable, and widely available in the market. So, it is no wonder that more users are switching from simply smoking to vaping. If you think the reasons are valid, you can also discover a range of THC vapes to start your journey.


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