Why finding a nursing job really isn’t about your resume

Veer | Nan

Looking for a job? A lot of things are not in your favor these days. The economy took a bit of a nosedive (I’m told it’s recovering?), the face of health care is drastically changing (the Affordable Care Act is equal parts good and bad) and the nursing shortage has leveled off (for now). So searching for and finding a job is tough.

It seems that all the so-called experts out there have pages upon pages of sage advice on how to optimize your resume. What I don’t see, hear or read is the truth.

The truth of the matter is it really isn’t about the resume. Oh, sure, the resume is important. It’s what gets your foot in the door. It’s what gets your name on the employer’s front desk. What it doesn’t do is get you a job.

That’s what you’re there for. It’s your job to convince the potential employer that the person portrayed on that piece of paper is MORE than just what’s on the paper.

Let’s face it, there are thousands of other potential candidates out there with the exact same qualifications and skills as you. In fact, I’m almost certain there is an equal number of candidates who have more experience and skills than you. What makes or breaks a job offer is proving you’re more than just what that piece of paper is offering.

Here are just a few things that I think everyone should ask themselves before they show up for an interview:

  • Do you demonstration confidence? Remember, there is a profound difference between confidence and arrogance.
  • How are you handling and how do you handle stress? If you can’t handle the stress of an interview, why would someone want you working for them as a nurse?
  • Are you amicable? Are you friendly? Do you have to “remember” to smile, or does it come naturally? You can’t teach a positive nature.
  • Are you well-dressed? Are you well-groomed? You must dress for success!
  • What is your typical body language? Those questions they ask are not just about your answers to questions, but also how you answer them.
  • Do you show interest? Are you “showing” your interest because you need the job, or are you genuinely interested in the position?
  • What are you like outside of your job? Yes, it matters. We all have to eventually grow up and act like the adults we are.
  • What is your long-term plan? No employer wants to waste their time hiring and training you so that you leave within six months to a year.

An interview is not about your resume. It’s also not about you and your knowledge and skills as a nurse. That’s what the resume was for. The employer already knows you’re qualified. The interview is a personality and character assessment.

It’s not about telling them what they want to hear, it’s about telling them what you want them to know.

Best of luck out there.

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