Why I never wear white pants

Image: Stockbyte | Thinkstock

I was working in an ICU and I heard another nurse call out for help. She had a rather large patient who was on the bedside commode and becoming unresponsive. She and another nurse tried to help him under his arms to get him back to bed. He took a few steps and started slowly falling because of his size.

I ran up behind him and grabbed him around the waist, slid my legs slightly under him like a chair and tried to keep him from falling completely to the floor. Luckily he responded enough to stand back up and wobble to his bed with our help. After it was all over with and noticing an unmistakable aroma, I realized when he slid on my pants he left a huge skid mark on my leg.

I will never wear white pants again because they remind me of how that man POOPED MY PANTS!
— Cheryl High-Wintermantel on the question “What is your worst OMG scrubs stain story?”

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