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Why Nurses Are Breaking Into The Cannabis Industry


Looking to Leave Nursing Behind? Run Your Own Cannabis Store

Nursing is a tough job that can leave some healthcare workers feeling worn out after years of devoting their lives to the wellbeing of others. If you’re like many nurses thinking of getting out of the business of healthcare, you might want to consider opening your own cannabis business. This new industry is in the middle of a period of rapid growth and expansion as more states begin legalizing recreational and medicinal use of marijuana. While this transition might sound strange, cannabis has been slowly encroaching on the healthcare industry for years as patients and doctors alike look for all-natural ways to relieve pain and increase appetite. Learn more about how you can start a new career as a cannabis shop owner.


What Nurses Can Bring to the Cannabis Industry

Many people seek out the healing powers of marijuana. While the drug has yet to be formally embraced by the FDA as a form of medicine, many states have legalized medicinal marijuana due to its ability to relieve pain, increase appetite and relieve anxiety.

Nurses have a long history of caring for patients and helping them feel more comfortable. The same applies to the cannabis industry. While you don’t have to setup a medicinal cannabis shop, you can market cannabis products to consumers, highlighting their many benefits. You can approach the cannabis business with the same mindset you would when caring for a patient. If someone is looking for something to soothe their anxiety or take the edge off after a long day, you can help them find the right strain or cannabis product for their situation.


Why the Cannabis Industry?

The healthcare and cannabis industries have a lot in common, more so than you might think. Both are about helping people feel more comfortable and enjoy life. But running your own cannabis store is much less stressful than working as a nurse. You can work in a more laidback atmosphere without those dreaded 12-hours shifts at the hospital. While starting a cannabis shop comes with a certain amount of responsibility, selling cannabis isn’t typically a matter of life and death. You can become your own boss and help people without the confines that come with working for a major medical facility.


How to Get Started

You’ll need to find a location for your store in a state where either recreational or medicinal marijuana is legal. If you plan on being a cannabis nurse, a healthcare worker that’s trained and licensed in cannabis nursing, you can register at the American Cannabis Nurses Association. You’ll need to complete their curriculum in order to become a licensed cannabis nurse. Or you can open a recreational marijuana store and stick to selling fun products and strains without the added liability of being a cannabis nurse.

You’ll also need to familiarize yourself with the rules and procedures around administering and selling these products, recreationally or medicinally. The laws vary from state to state, so you’ll need to understand your rights and any legal requirements you may need to follow when opening your own store. If you’re completely new to this industry, you can attend a cannabis expo that teaches aspiring entrepreneurs how they can break into this emerging industry. You’ll learn all kinds of tips and tricks to help you prepare for this exciting career transition.

The cannabis industry is the perfect way to segue out of the healthcare field. As a nurse, you can bring something new to the table that your competitors can’t. You have the patience, compassion and understanding to help patients learn about and explore this new drug. Start reading up on the cannabis industry and take control of your future today.
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