Will nursing be the highest paid job of the future?

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Don’t even think about scrolling down to find out the answer to this question. Be patient and read your way down because you’re going to want to hear this.

“Nursing is absolutely one of the best professions to go into,” says Annessa Fort, the Healthcare Branch Manager for the Pacific Northwest for Yoh, a staffing agency that has been serving North America for more than 70 years by providing professional talent to the aerospace and defense, engineering, government, healthcare, life sciences, information technology and telecommunications industries. Yoh keeps its eye on labor, employment and salary trends, and every quarter it publishes the Yoh Index of Wages.

Fort has a solid understanding of wage trends in the area of healthcare. Her role is placing nurses—mainly occupational and employee health nurses, nurse case managers and nurse practitioners, but also physician assistants. Her work covers the states of California, Washington, Montana and Colorado.

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