Did HawthoRNe get it right?

Image: TNT

HawthoRNe, the new nurse-centric show that hit TV screens this summer, premiered in June on TNT.  In an interview with the Winston-Salem Journal, the star of the show Jada Pinkett Smith had this to say about what kind of tone the show tries to achieve:

We’re really going for a dramedy…. You have extremes in a hospital. You have life and death. The quirkiest, funniest things happen in hospitals. I never really thought of that. The stories that these (real-life) nurses were telling me — just things that you would never imagine that happen. And it’s something we even want to explore more…. We really tried hard and continue to do so in making this a place where you laugh and cry.

Could HawthoRNe prove to be the ‘dutiful older sister’ to ‘wild child’ Nurse Jackie?

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One Response to Did HawthoRNe get it right?

  1. PhillieGoddess

    NO…NO… AND NO! Unfortunately, Hawthorne has not gotten it right. I have been a nurse for 20 years and quite frankly Jada Pinkett-Smith is not believeable as a nurse. I have watched a number of episodes–hoping that the show would improve and on some levels it has–however unfortunately the Hawthorne cast– except Vanessa Bell Calloway– doesn’t bring “it” in the way the ensemble cast of Nurse Jackie does. While Nurse Jackie doesn’t always portray nursing in a positive light– it is realistic– Jackie, Zoe, Thor and Acalitus are all nurses I know. It’s obvious that Nurse Jackie has real nurses on their set advising them — this is painfully missing on Hawthorne– with all of its medical errors and cliches. I hope that as the Executive Producer Pinkett-Smith will not only get some real nurses on her set to advise her and aid her with her storylines– I hope that she actually listens to them and stops using this show merely as a vehicle to further her career.