Winter driving safety for nurses

3. Make sure your car is ready to drive before pulling out.

Don’t drive an igloo or an ice cube. It’s frightening to see cars on the road that have not been cleared properly of snow or ice. The driver only took the time to clear enough snow or ice from the window so he could see straight ahead. Unfortunately, he can’t see all around the car—including pedestrians who are trying to cross at the corner. Snow or ice on top of the car roof can also fly off in a huge chunk and blind the driver behind him.

Whether or not you’re in a rush, you have to take the time to do this. All you need is:

●     A good scraper

●     A brush with a long handle or one that extends

●     A shovel

If you’re ever in a gift exchange, usually you can get those window scrapers that have a plug for the car, so they heat up to help melt ice. They’d be a great gift to give to another nurse.

You can also purchase a large tarp-like cover that you put over your windshield and fasten down when you close your car doors. This keeps ice from forming on your front windshield.

Don’t hurry –>

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