Winter driving safety for nurses

4. Give yourself plenty of time to get to the hospital.

When you’ve been going to the same place for work for a long time, you know how long it will take you to get there. If you work a night shift, you may be tempted to push your time to the limit to get as much rest as you can. However, in bad weather, you don’t know what’s going to get in your way and you have to give yourself extra time. You may want to give yourself an extra five minutes for every 10 it usually takes you to get to work. So if it’s usually a 30-minute drive, add 15 minutes. Listening to the radio for weather and traffic updates will also give you a good idea of how long you may need to take.

Don’t forget, you may:

●     Have to dig yourself out or scrape off your windows

●     Need to reduce your speed

●     Get stuck in snow or on ice

●     Get stuck behind an accident

●     Be detoured onto roads deemed safer by police or highway patrol

When a driver is rushed, it’s easy to make driving mistakes. So leave yourself the gift of time.

Be prepared –>

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