Winter scrubs styles (that hide holiday pounds)


Fooled You Once
Do you ever feel like you’re carrying around a whole extra person’s worth of weight? Here’s a scrubs top that can literally make you look like you’re only half as broad as you really are. The Twilight Floral fades to black on one side, giving the illusion that you are much narrower. If you stood in front of a blackboard and turned sideways, you might disappear altogether!

Scoop Neck Top in Twilight Floral

A Wild About Plaid top provides a similar illusion with black side panels that offer a bonus: stretchy knit! Plaid is a favorite design for fall and winter, and this one incorporates the popular snow leopard print as well. Just remember, those knit sides are for ease and shouldn’t hug your torso too tightly. Otherwise, your bulges will have no place to hide. Consider going up a size to make sure you have a top that will see you through “hibernation time.”

V-Neck Top

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