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Word roots quiz II


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Test your knowledge of the roots of words nurses use every day in our Word Roots Quiz II.

This is part 2 of 8. Take the first test, and be sure to look for future parts coming soon!

Word Roots Quiz Part II
(10 questions total)

The prefix “kerato-” (e.g., keratin) means:

The prefix “mast-” (e.g., mastoid) means:

The prefix “myo-” (e.g., myofilament) means:

The prefix “osteo-” (e.g., osteocyte) means:

The prefix “platy-” (e.g., platysma) means:

The prefix “pterygo-” (e.g., pterygoid) means:

The prefix “sclero-” (e.g., sclera) means:

The prefix “tropho” (e.g., trophoblast) means:

The prefix “uro-” (e.g., urology) means:

The suffix “-algia” (e.g., neuralgia) means:


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