Word roots quiz III

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Test your knowledge of the roots of words nurses use every day in our word roots quiz.

This is part 3 of 8.
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Word Roots Quiz III
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The suffix “-rrhea” (e.g., amenorrhea) means:

The suffix “-centesis” (e.g., thoracocentesis) means:

The suffix “-clast” (e.g., osteoclast) means:

The suffix “-crine” (e.g., endocrine) means:

The suffix “-ectasis” (e.g., atelectasis) means:

The suffix “-gram” (e.g., myogram) means:

The suffix “-itis” (e.g., dermatitis) means:

The suffix “-mural” (e.g., intramural) means:

The suffix “-oma” (e.g., carcinoma) means:

The suffix “-osis” (e.g., neurosis) means:



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6 Responses to Word roots quiz III

  1. carolyn

    “oma” should be a tumor or neoplasm, not swelling????

  2. SKP2RN

    I agree with Carolyn, “oma” can mean both tumor or swelling

    • Granola01

      You are thinking the entire term, hemangioma, multiplemyeolma, sarcoma, lipidoma etc is correct.

  3. Granola01

    Got that one! Oh yeah!

  4. I only missed two, not bad!