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Test your knowledge of the roots of words nurses use every day in our Word Roots Quiz VI.

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Word Roots Quiz VI
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The prefix “entero-“ (e.g., enteric) means “inside”.

The prefix “erythema-“ (e.g., erythematosis) means “flushed (skin)”.

The suffix “-gen” (e.g., mutagen) means “to produce”.

The prefix “hem- or hemato-“ (e.g., hemopiesis) means “blood”.

The prefix “erythro-“ (e.g., erythrocyte) means “flushed”.

The suffix “-glossus” (e.g., hypoglossal) means “muscle”.

The prefix “hyper-“ (e.g., hypertension) means “below”.

The prefix “intra-“ (e.g., intracapuslar) means “within”.

The prefix “leuko-“ (e.g., leukocyte) means “white”.

The suffix “-kinin” (e.g., bradykinin) means “to stop”.


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