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Word Roots Quiz VII


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Test your knowledge of the roots of words nurses use every day (and to all you aspiring nurses, NCLEX prep has never been more fun)!

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Word Roots Quiz VII
(10 questions total)

The prefix “liga-“ (e.g., ligase) means “to break apart”.

The prefix “lip- or lipo” (e.g., lipoid) means “fat”.

The prefix “mal-“ (e.g., malabsorption) means “normal”.

The prefix “natri-“ (e.g., natriuretic) means “natural”.

The prefix “myelo-“ (e.g., myeloblast) means “marrow”.

The prefix “ neur- or neuro-“ (e.g., neuromuscular) means “nerve”.

The prefix “oculo-“ (e.g., oculomotor) means “ear”.

The prefix “oto-“ (e.g., otoconia) means “eye”.

The prefix “oligo-“ (e.g., oligopeptide) means “little, few”.

The prefix “para-“ (e.g., paraplegia) means “beyond”.


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