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Please excuse these nurses, but they’re about to get really personal. They’re going to name names.

But don’t worry, HIPAA. They won’t “violate” you. These names are of their fellow nurses.

Read these touching words of tribute from nurse coworkers, family, friends, patients and students in the nursing community.

And from all of us at, thank you for all you do!

To everyone I work with on 6:1 at Silver Cross…that is a team that rocks!
—Linda Simek

Wendy Walls, RN; Regina Clements, RN; Jennifer Stribling, RN; Nancy Graves, LPN; Jessica Hancock, HA; and Rhonda Lloyd, HA. They have held it together and taken care of my patients while I recuperated from the flu. You guys rock!!! Couldn’t work without them!
—Kristi Appling

My daughters Angela, Rosie and Sara. We work side by side!
—Sandra Rojas Chamberlain

Carolyn makes decisions and contributions that have not only exponentially improved the homeless program itself, but have also improved the overall morale of every person involved from both a patient and care provider standpoint.
—Nancy Creech on coworker Carolyn Green, 2011 Inspired Comfort Awards winner

Heather is a wonderful nurse and truly cares about her patient. Heather is awesome. She truly cared for me and took wonderful care of me.
—patient of Heather Sebastiani, RN, 2011 DAISY Award winner

My mentor from SUNY Farmingdale, Denise May, ARNP, and Alyse Eisner and Shirley Laufer. Truly smart and exceptional nurses.
—Joetta Anne Delia

Chi Woo Lee, LPN and unit manager, best mentor I could have ever had as a brand-new nurse. He always has my back as a partner and doesn’t mind having nursing judgment disagreements and polite debates with me…and he’s the best damn male nurse I know!
—Kait Nolan

Kathleen Aspiazu, Rehab Tech. Our day goes by 2x as fast!
—Therese Figueras

Carl Sobrado, my boss, although he hates the title. He’s patient, a great mentor, easy to work with and knows his stuff.
—Caleb James

[Charles] showed constant care, kind patience, good humor, cheerfulness, great knowledge and a willingness to explain anything we asked about.
—patient’s daughter on David Charles, 2011 DAISY Award winner

Nancy Miller, RN…best preceptor and team player I’ve ever known!
—Sue Fisher Sargent

[Cindy Stokes] is an excellent nurse who is seen as a mentor in her unit. She provides the highest level of expert care to all of her patients—all above and beyond her job description. She not only provides compassionate care at the end of life, but is a mentor in the delivery of care requiring critical emergency thinking to save lives when her patients experience reactions to their chemotherapy. Cindy develops rapport and relationships with each of her pediatric patients as well as their families. All staff turn to her for advice when they do not know how to manage complex care or family dynamics.
Andrea Coyle on coworker Cindy Stokes, 2011 Inspired Comfort Awards winner

Linda Bryant, Duncan Regional Hospital, Duncan, Okla. Smartest nurse I’ve worked with and the most patient, too. I love her to this day. I wish I still worked with her!
—Candice Alexander ‎

RN Erika Benadie, my shift leader, mentor and friend! She is a great motivator, honest and fair! She supports everyone on her shift and we all have built a wonderful relationship of trust because of her leadership!!! Thank you!
—Carika Pretorius

Which coworker are you most thankful for and why? Spread some holiday cheer and name names in the comments section below!


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