Work parties

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I just went to a birthday party for one of my co-workers the other day and was pleasantly surprised with what a great time I had. Normally, I don’t go to many work functions just because between work, school, and having a family I don’t have a lot of free time.
I was surprised by some of the guest list but keeping an open mind, I decided to have a good time and see what this new adventure was going to be like. You never know who mingles with whom and where your favorite (or least favorite) person might show up. It is also interesting to see what people are like outside of the work environment. For example, one nurse who is quite withdrawn and quiet at work was practically the life of the party (and she hadn’t even been drinking!). Another nurse who is usually very loud and overbearing was polite and delightful to talk to.

I really had a great time, I was the first to get there and almost the last to leave. Breaking bread with co-workers is a wonderful way to open your eyes to new possibilities and friendships. I learned so many interesting things about people I never would have known—hobbies, talents, and personalities! One of my co-workers plays the accordion!! Who knew?!?

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