Work rage

Image: iStockphoto + Photodisc | Thinkstock
I suppose you’d have to be living under a rock to not have heard about the Jet Blue flight attendant who had an altercation with a passenger and ended up flying off the plane…literally, down the emergency chute. He also grabbed a couple beers on his way out which makes me wonder if he might get in trouble for drinking on the job or even “Drinking and Sliding.” This man has now received quite some notoriety for this stunt and I have to say I applaud his creative problem solving skills! I know that there have been a few times where I have gotten close to deploying the emergency only exit but thankfully, I had team members who could pick up where I left off and save my sanity. I wonder where his team mates were? The other flight attendants might have seen this coming or maybe not, but wouldn’t it have been nice for everyone involved if someone had said, “OK, clearly you are about to blow, let me handle this.”  That is a nice part of nursing, I think. We work such long hours together that we really get to know each other and what might set each other off so we don’t go too far into the red zone with difficult situations. On the other hand, it wouldn’t be very impressive to grab a couple orange juice boxes and run down the emergency exit in a hospital now would it?

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