Worst of stock images: nurses in spring edition

Last month, Scrubs magazine compiled a list of the most annoyingly inaccurate and tasteless misrepresentations of nurses in the world of stock photography. Sadly, we hadn’t fully plumbed the depths of idiotic imagery. So we’ve put together another special slideshow just for spring. Shake your heads along with us at the latest photos.

I’ll Have What She’s Having
Hallelujah, it’s spring at last! This nurse is just a little too excited to be posing with this bevy of lovely spring flowers. In fact, it appears that she has dislocated both of her elbows. That’s something a dose of Allegra won’t fix.

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One Response to Worst of stock images: nurses in spring edition

  1. Mommynator

    Oh, thank GOODNESS you found #10. Our hospital actually has that HUGELY sized on the vans we used to transport rehab patients. I always thought he was taking her into the woods where she would mysteriously disappear. Thank you, thank you!