Would you hand your busywork over to a gadget?

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The headline in Technology Review said  it all: “Xerox designs system to reduce busywork for nurses.”

“Sign me up!” a nation of nurses may yell in unison – but, of course, there’s a lot to be considered.

The TR article cites a 2008 Permanente Journal study reporting that, on average, nurses spend one-third of their time at work documenting. Xerox’s research department is attempting to cut this time down by implementing technology solutions to reduce the amount of time nurses spend at computers, giving them more time with patients.

One example of how this system might work: A nurse could wear an electronic badge that would automatically log a visit into a patient room as soon as the nurse steps through the doorway. Additionally, the badge could trigger a mobile device to automatically display the patient’s information.

Xerox says a pilot version of the system has been tested at an undisclosed location, but offers no further information about future implementation.

What do you think – is this system (or one like it) the key to revolutionizing health care and how nurses allocate their time? Or would a system like this be getting a little too close to Big Brother for your liking? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

Source: Technology Review

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2 Responses to Would you hand your busywork over to a gadget?

  1. gypsie60

    Wore a device that recorded what room you were in and how long you were there. Made it easy to locate staff and was great documentation for when a patient claimed she hadn’t seen a nurse all shift. We’ve all had those. I’d prefer time with my patients vs computer or paper charting.

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