Would you pass the NCLEX? Part I

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Passing the NCLEX exam is one of the most important steps en route to becoming a nurse. Use this quiz as a study guide to see how you would fare on the real test.
Why is developing a vaccine for HIV difficult?

How long does it take to repair most cleft palates?

Where does internal bleeding associated with hemophilia occur most often?

What should a nurse be most concerned about if a patient overdoses on Aspirin?

What is a clinical sign of a newborn suffering from congenital heart failure?

If a patient needs more folic acid, they should eat?

A woman complains that her urine is beginning to look discolored. She takes many medications, which of them can cause her urine to change color?

What is not a condition of acute Meningitis?

Which is not a symptom related to Lyme Disease?

Which is not a symptom related to Conjunctivitis?

Which is an untrue fact about Xanax?

Nasonex is used to treat:

Methadone is mainly used to treat:

The clinical name for Valtrex is:

Who discovered Penicillin in 1928?

Agoraphobia most nearly means:

Which of the following in the function mitochondria? I: Produce energy. II: Convert nutrients into energy via the electron transport chain. III: Breaks larger molecules into smaller ones.

In a group of 150 nurses, 40 are female. What percent of the group is female?

Choose the word that is misspelled:

Where did the caduceus come from? cadeceus

What is this an image of? what is it?

This is an image of colon cancer cells. is this colon?

Zithromax is more commonly known as:

Which drug does not treat depression?

Which of these drugs is not an Antihistamine?

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