Would you pass the NCLEX? Part I

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Passing the NCLEX exam is one of the most important steps en route to becoming a nurse. Use this quiz as a study guide to see how you would fare on the real test.

Why is developing a vaccine for HIV difficult?

How long does it take to repair most cleft palates?

Where does internal bleeding associated with hemophilia occur most often?

What should a nurse be most concerned about if a patient overdoses on Aspirin?

What is a clinical sign of a newborn suffering from congenital heart failure?

If a patient needs more folic acid, they should eat?

A woman complains that her urine is beginning to look discolored. She takes many medications, which of them can cause her urine to change color?

What is not a condition of acute Meningitis?

Which is not a symptom related to Lyme Disease?

Which is not a symptom related to Conjunctivitis?

Which is an untrue fact about Xanax?

Nasonex is used to treat:

Methadone is mainly used to treat:

The clinical name for Valtrex is:

Who discovered Penicillin in 1928?

Agoraphobia most nearly means:

Which of the following in the function mitochondria?I: Produce energy. II: Convert nutrients into energy via the electron transport chain. III: Breaks larger molecules into smaller ones.

In a group of 150 nurses, 40 are female. What percent of the group is female?

Choose the word that is misspelled:

Where did the caduceus come from?cadeceus

What is this an image of?what is it?

This is an image of colon cancer cells.is this colon?

Zithromax is more commonly known as:

Which drug does not treat depression?

Which of these drugs is not an Antihistamine?

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41 Responses to Would you pass the NCLEX? Part I

  1. very educational i like it because i want to continue my education in the nursing field

  2. This is a great resource for anyone who’s curious about the NCLEX! At our website, we receive lots of questions about how hard the exam is, what’s on it, etc. This is a great resource to direct people to.

  3. Tiffany Hooper

    I love the quizzes you offer, I have finally decided after many years of being an LPN to continue and obtain my BSN and I am there already just need to get that degree and I am ready to move on up!!! Keep the quizzes coming they help me truly realize that I and so many other Nurses have our blood saturated with the skills necessary to provide our patients with exceptional care.! Thank you.

  4. mario lacanlale

    thank you for the excellent information that you share to everyone.

  5. leonora coombs

    I had a competent rating….not bad after all

  6. Prakash Singh

    I have been a nurse for many years and things have been changed since than. By taking these tests, it refreshes my memory and also learn new skills.

  7. Mary Theresa Argerakis, RN, CMSRN, ONC

    After 20 years in nursing I find the only constant is change. I like to take quizzes such as yours to keep up with the changes. Life is a learning experience. Thank You you all you do.

  8. vicky calizo


  9. chi

    17/25 not bad…but sadly my name was not included at july 2010 passers…hope God’s will i’m conditional…help me Lord…

  10. cyndy

    very educational…refreshing

  11. imelda garcia

    thanks, for a review…….. it helps a lot

  12. imelda garcia

    Please post more nclex questions it helps a lot…..

  13. oLaH

    I loVe thiS QuiZ!! I hoPe tHeRe’LL be a lOT oF iT moRe!!! ThaNk you!

  14. marites alvior

    Got a satisfactory result…tnx

  15. Angelita Marie M. Luis


  16. Sally

    So helpful and educational…please post some more!

  17. kathleen joy mendoza

    thank you for the quiz…. its nice…at least i have an idea what to expect if i’m going to take n-clex..=)

  18. evelyn j. trinidad

    this is a good thing for us nurses .as we all know nursing is dynaming so we have to continue and always update knowlegde true reading .

  19. Andy Sullivan


  20. delia

    am so happy i got a competent result..not bad afterall

  21. clarette

    thanks for the quiz… so helpful to someone like me preparing for the examination

  22. ivan kris

    not bad i was rated competent..,,though i passed the nle this july 2010 still i want to continue reviewing to gain my NCLEX exam..thnk God

  23. aika

    very informative!! i like it because I am able to gauge myself of how wide my knowledge is,,,

  24. nice! and bettr also if you can share info about financial management or facts regarding how nurses can manage their earnings wisely as obvioulsly they are earning much from their job and apparently helping them to save and invest ty!

  25. Lady Lynne Lopez De Leon

    You scored 22 out of 25..
    very educational..i like it!

  26. leilanie abao-frazee

    very informative and it enhance my knowledge regarding medical field.Keep up the good job, hope to see more informative situation….

  27. faye

    Not bad for an inactive nurse for over 10 years.


    please post some more.. thanks..


    please post some more questions it really helps a lot..

  30. Wileenf

    I would like to say that after studying Kaplan and taking these quizzes I feel more competent about takin my boards this coming october 2010. I have scored competent in both part one and in the medication part. Thanks so much I wish I had this to refer to the first time I took boards.

  31. Diane Kirse, RN, BSN

    Some of these questions mean nothing to the actual process and knowledge needed for nursing. Second, in the question regarding the infant that may be developing CHF the question is misleading. Most infants gain weight. So the question does not make sense the way it is written. The question does not specify a time frame.

  32. OMG, I had heard that NCLEX was a piece of cake and now I know why. Grad ’76. Sat Boards for 2 days in a hotel in Louisville. Couln’t go to the john without a proctor. People cried! Read the entire “Lippincott Instant Cup of Nurse” like it was a novel, over the summer. The whole state sat boards in Sept. No choice. Took 8 exams in 2days. 1st job paid $6.43/hr. I now make $90.00/hr. Amazing!

  33. Debbie

    It’s nice to know your competent as a nurse…that matters a lot to me.

  34. Lisa

    I’m thinking there were a few misspelled words in here, but fun to do.

  35. serene

    17/25, competent. good to know. still taking pre-req”s

  36. Mary

    This isn’t accurate to the real NCLEX. I took boards last year and the questions were more case sceniros. Like you have a patient with such and such problem and they have vitals of such and such what would you do to treat them. Things like that.

  37. Melodye

    Enjoyed the challange. Have been in more administrative setting so getting a “competent” on the quiz over long unused information was great

  38. joselynn

    How is this helpful for nclex???? Not one question is nclex style. This more like a test I would take in nursing school!

  39. dan

    Which of these drugs is not an Antihistamine? is a trick question… “clarAtin” is not a drug name, claritin perhaps. Fun quiz anyway, thanks!

  40. Vanessa Rueger

    This was extremely helpful! I love testing my knowledge like this. After taking so many tests I have learned that using critical thinking is the most vital thing to strongest in. I’m hoping to take the RN NCLEX in jan so I’m starting to get soo nervous, I can’t believe I’m almost done with nursing school.