You know your mom is a nurse when…

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Could you convincingly make an argument that the children of nurses are the healthiest people on the planet?

According to this list, that sentiment may very well have merit.

You know your mom is a nurse when…

10. She asks if you’ve had a bowel movement recently.

9. She asks you to describe the pain on a scale from 1 to 5.

8. She tells you to drink lots of clear fluids.

7. She cuts everything with bandage scissors.

6. It takes her a few minutes to empty her pockets after work.

5. She comes home with bar codes stuck to her uniform.

4. You are used to seeing her after a 12-hour shift.

3. She doesn’t have holidays off and never gets to leave during a large storm.

2. She can give you the dosage and generic name of a drug off the top of her head.

1. She’s constantly worried about your health!

This list is by Shannon Guy, CNA.

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