You know you’re a correctional nurse when…


Imagine a world where your patients are the ones wearing color-coded uniforms and, more than anything else, they want to hang out all day in a medical unit!

Welcome to the world of a correctional nurse!

You know you’re a Correctional Nurse when…

10. You’re practicing nursing in a prison!

9. Your med pass consists of having an officer with you on every med pass.

8. You’ve never experienced this level of med seeking before.

7. Your narcotic count also consists of counting every needle available.

6. Your patients WANT to stay on the medical unit and will do anything to get there.

5. Your assessment skills have to be top-notch as the complaints are mostly for attention.

4. You are not a stranger to administering methadone on a daily basis.

3. You start your shift with a metal detector and a manual scan by an officer.

2. You have to wait and be buzzed through every door by an officer.

1. Your patients’ colorful “gowns” are all jumpsuits with “DOC” on the back!

This list is by Stacie, LPN.

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