You know you’re a home health nurse if…


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If your career has you caring for the homebound rather than the hospital bound, this list may sound a bit familiar!

You know you’re a home health nurse if…

10. You know which gas stations within a 60-mile radius have the best bathrooms.

9. There is always a little pick-me-up snack in your glove box.

8. The pharmacy staff is surprised when you pick up your own meds.

7. The weekend rotation means you could be driving all over creation or getting paid to clean your house.

6. You have to move “your office” when someone wants to sit in your passenger seat.

5. When you visit someone’s house, you can’t help but check it for safety.

4. You understand what it’s like to dial 911 and forget the address. (Seriously, who looks at the address after the first visit?)

3. Someone’s list of recent illnesses makes you instantly start “coding” them.

2. The word “OASIS” doesn’t put thoughts of rest and relaxation in your head.

1. No amount of raise or sign-on bonus can make you want to go back to working in a hospital.

This list is by Klara Hartfiel, RN.

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