You know you’re a nurse when…

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This insightful and witty list by LPN Gina Futrell will have you thinking: What would we do without nurses?

You know you’re a nurse when…

10. You look at everyone’s veins instead of their face when talking to them.

9. You look at even your own bowel movement to make sure it’s okay.

8. You try to use an IV hanger to hang your plants.

7. You listen to everyone’s ailments.

6. You tuck your sheet corners like they do in the hospital.

5. You disinfect the kitchen counter with Clorox.

4. You talk about what food looks like in respect to organs in the body.

3. You think your uniforms are more important than other clothing in your closet.

2. You like only important television shows about nursing.

1. You watch America’s Funniest Home Videos and you can only see the people as injured patients and cannot laugh.

This list is by Gina Futrell, LPN.

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8 Responses to You know you’re a nurse when…

  1. Diana B.


    You own at least 3 pens, pads, keychains, mouse pads, mugs, or other items with the names of prescription medications on tem.

    You’ve ever used an ABD as a makeshift sanitary pad.

    You’ve basted your Thanksgiving turkey with a 60 cc syringe,

    You’ve ever visited a nude beach and focused on everyone’s surgical scars.

    You look forward to working on holidays to get out of cooking and entertaining.

    Your idea of the 4 basic food groups are the pizza group, the chocolate group, the donut group, and the Chinese food group.

  2. Ralph

    You know your a male nurse when your army buddy sends you a picture of nude woman on the internet & all you focus on is the mole in the sensitive area that should be biopsied.

    You know you’re a nurse when you are in the mall & immediately look around for the person running to the restroom because your nose is telling you that smell is not just gas.

  3. Monica

    You’ve restrained someone and it wasn’t a sexual experience.

    You got someone into bed and then left him/her alone to go to sleep.

    You’ve pulled poop out of someone’s butt.

    You’ve asked people you’ve only known for a few minutes about bowel and bladder habits.

    You’ve yelled at medical dramas on TV when they’re inaccurate.

  4. Abby Student

    You know that no nursing program grants an RN/LPN/NP… Only the qualifications to sit for the boards. You also learn that licensed and certified man VERY different things.

    Also, you learn that signing your name Abby, CNA is not actually going to give you credibility on healthcare issues.

  5. NinjaGigi

    After convincing a confused patient to take their PO meds and watching them swallow water with them you come in later only to find the meds placed on the over bed table or in the sheets.


    You hit 6/10