You know you’re a nurse when…

Nurse Seal
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This insightful and witty list by LPN Gina Futrell will have you thinking: What would we do without nurses?

You know you’re a nurse when…

10. You look at everyone’s veins instead of their face when talking to them.

9. You look at even your own bowel movement to make sure it’s okay.

8. You try to use an IV hanger to hang your plants.

7. You listen to everyone’s ailments.

6. You tuck your sheet corners like they do in the hospital.

5. You disinfect the kitchen counter with Clorox.

4. You talk about what food looks like in respect to organs in the body.

3. You think your uniforms are more important than other clothing in your closet.

2. You like only important television shows about nursing.

1. You watch America’s Funniest Home Videos and you can only see the people as injured patients and cannot laugh.

This list is by Gina Futrell, LPN.

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