You know you’re a nursing instructor if…


You actually miss your students once they graduate. Who, you? Yes, YOU!
Here are 10 ways you know you’re a nursing instructor (whether you want to admit it or not!).

You know you’re a nursing instructor if…

10. You hear your student state, “WTF?” and you automatically think, “Where’s the furosemide?”


9. You know the acronym “PFI” really stands for “Please Find Intelligence.”

8. You laugh when your nursing student states, “But our coffee break was only 30 minutes!”

7. You would be happy to NEVER correct another nursing care plan again.

6. You are called at 5:00 a.m. by students calling in “late” or “sick” to their clinical.

5. Panicking nursing students call you at home the night before an exam.

4. You know the letters “NCLEX” strike fear in every nursing student.

3. You make your students utter this phrase in your presence: “The Instructor Is ALWAYS Right!”

2. You cry with pride at every pinning ceremony.

1. You miss each and every student, especially the ones you swore you would never miss.

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This list is by Lisa Abrahamson-Holst, Nursing Instructor/CCU RN.

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