You know you’re a student nurse when…

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Recently, many of you participated in’s “You Know You’re a Nurse When…” stethoscope giveaway contest. Although we were only able to pick four winners, many entries were so good that we wanted to share others.

Many of you suggested ways to know you’re a student nurse. Here are some of our favorites.

You know you’re a student nurse when…

1. You’re so focused on studying for the NCLEX that you put the milk in the pantry and the cereal in the refrigerator!
Holly Caswell, GPN

2. You have all this studying to do and you still have a smile on your face, knowing in the end it will be well worth the wait.
Peggy Toth, Student Nurse

3. Your three-year-old refers to parts of her anatomy as “conjunctiva and mandible” with proper pronunciation!
Crystal Stocking, Student Nurse

4. You would rather take hemoccult samples than write another care plan!
Dawn Daly-Mack

5. You know you’re a nursing student when you have dreams at night that you are in clinical.
Randi Saucier, Student Nurse

6. You’re learning how to give a really good report in clinical and automatically start giving them to your husband before leaving the house regarding kids, pets, bills…!
Jennifer Ledbetter, Student Nurse

7. No matter what advice someone asks for, you feel programmed to reply, “Early ambulation!!!”

8. You can’t afford to put gas in your car because no one wants to hire a new grad because you don’t have a year of experience.
Melissa, RN

9. The semester finally ends and you feel like you ran a marathon, up the side of a mountain, backwards, with your eyes closed….
Kathryn Peters

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4 Responses to You know you’re a student nurse when…

  1. Shannon

    You know you are a student nurse when you ask your instructors for a “mental health” day!!!

  2. Jen

    Amen to the not being able to put gas in your car, I graduated in Dec of 08 and just now was able to secure a hospital job. I was working in home care and for some reason as soon as hospitals hear home care it seems like they dont even want to talk to you. I had 8 yrs of LPN experience and they still didnt want me. My husband graduated 14 months ago and got lucky and got a position right after graduation and hes probably the only reason I was able to get the position I just got. Got to love the buddy system.

  3. Melissa

    #8 is actually my entry :). It’s tough for new grads to get hired bc it costs too much to train, schools don’t mention that part in all the advertisements.

  4. acates11 Caption Contest

    You just finished your last final and just finished your practice NCLEX examination then step out of the class room and think “What do I have on my list to do next”. You realize in a moment that’s it’s finally all over but instead of feeling relieved you feel lost because suddenly there are no more school exams, papers due, huge reading assignments, etc left to do. Heeeeeelllllp!!!