You know you’re a telemetry nurse when…


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How do you know if you’re a telemetry nurse?
See if the following scenario sounds familiar.

The monitor is alarming asystole and as you run into the room, the patient looks at the monitor, then asks you:

10. “Am I dead?”

9. “Shouldn’t you be doing something?”

8. “Aren’t you going to get some more people?”

7. “I pulled those things off, they bother me.”

6. “No one came when I called, but they do when I do this.”

5. “Can you get me a juice?”

4. “Shouldn’t you call the doctor now? I need pain meds.”

3. “I can’t sleep.”

2. “I’m going out to smoke.”

1. “Since you’re here, can I go pee?”

This list is by Marian Payne Ellis, RN.

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