You know you’re a urology nurse when…

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This list submitted by one of our readers made us gasp! We simply couldn’t resist sharing. To celebrate all nurses whose job revolves around that area “down there,” we present this hilarious list:

You know you’re a Urology nurse when…

10. You’ve seen more penises than a mohel.

9. Your patient has more than four drains and it doesn’t scare you.

8. You’re not surprised to have continuous bladder irrigation going wide open and it still clots off.

7. You get excited knowing your patient is passing gas.

6. Your favorite song is “Deck the Halls with Lots of Foleys.”

5. You already know what the orders will be just from the name of the surgery.

4. Vomit = NG tube set to LIS.

3. Your NAs like CBI patients because that’s one less drain they’ll have to empty.

2. Ditropan is your patient’s best friend.

1. You wouldn’t have it any other way!

This list is by April Essary, RN.

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