You know you’re an ambulatory surgical nurse when…

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We at Scrubs couldn’t stop laughing when we saw this list sent to us by an ambulatory surgical nurse. Read all ten and share a good laugh.

You know you’re an ambulatory surgical nurse when…

10. You can rest your sandwich on a patient’s hip and still give that enema.

9. You ask a patient about her ambulation and she says, “Now that you mention it, I do have vaginal dryness.”

8. Outside the hospital, the doctor you work with walks right past you without saying hello.

7. The only time your in-laws call is when they need surgery advice.

6. Your eight-hour shift changes to a 12-hour shift when there are no beds in the house to admit your patient.

5. You’re not told what time to come in until the day before.

4. Instead of eating your lunch, you are admitting a patient.

3. You’re asked to also cover the recovery room, all in one day.

2. You have to tell the Huck you’re going to the bathroom so you are not paged.

1. The sound of post-op colonoscopy gas makes you smile.

This list, by Sandy Grambow, RN, BSN, is the winner of our “Win Your Top 10 List on a Mug!” Giveaway. You can buy this mug for yourself or your favorite nursing instructor! Submit your own list here to enter the weekly contest!

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