You May be Puffing a Counterfeit Vape Pen, How to Avoid It?


Two of the fastest growing markets in the USA right now are those of cannabis and vaping products. Naturally, a lucrative market attracts black marketeers looking to get a share of the money going in. There is no need to go black market for either cannabis or vapes, as both have been legalized – or decriminalized – in most states. However, there are still stories about counterfeit vapes.

We want to show you how be 100% certain that the vapes you buy and the products you use are genuine. Let’s talk first about a story that broke a few years ago that led to speculation about the dangers of vaping.

Whats the Story with Counterfeit Vapes?

A few years back there was a sudden spate of hospital admissions among mainly younger people who had contracted illnesses of the lungs – some of these very serious. Each of the victims was an avid vaper. However, it was proven that they had all been using black market devices that were contaminated. The harm to the industry was done, however, and it led to many people becoming wary of using – for example – a concentrate dab pen for their cannabis or other enjoyment.

We have to stress here that there is no danger from a legitimate vape device. The beauty of vaping is the lack of a need for a flame. It is the burning that produces the dangerous substances we know come about from smoking. So, what is the best way to ensure you have a vape pen and substance for vaping that is correct and legitimate? Fortunately, there is an easy answer to the problem.

How Do I Know My Vape Pen is Legit?

Most illegal vapes are very cheaply made and imported from China. Avoid these at all costs. You won’t find them in the licensed online retailer’s stocks. If you’re offered a vape pen or another device on the street, walk away. There are retailers on the high street and online who have the requisite licence and certificates to prove they can be trusted. Find one that you like and trust and use them and only them to buy your cannabis, CBD, and vape devices.

The days of getting your weed from your dealer on the street corner are long gone. Now, weed sold in retailers is of a high quality and tested thoroughly, and vape devices are made to a high standard, and you will easily tell a fake from the real thing. If the price seems too good to be true, as the saying goes, it usually is, so don’t be tempted by a knock-off vape pen at a rock bottom price.

Are Counterfeit Vapes Dangerous?

Black market vapes are considerably dangerous to your health as they will not be made to the quality standards and within the statutory regulations that govern the vape industry. The same goes for black market cannabis, which there is really no place for now that many states allow you to grow your own and become your personal supplier of quality home grown weed.

Retailers get their supplies from only the best licensed growers, and the same goes for vape pens. Weed is a great experience that we all enjoy, and vaping by far the most convenient method of doing so, yet there will always be people looking to make a quick buck by cutting corners and supplying cheap, Chinese fake vape products that may harm your health.

Find that trusty and established retailer, and they’ll make sure your vaping kit is above board and entirely legit.


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