You might be an “ol’ school” nurse if…


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The latest winner of our “Win Your Top 10 List on a Mug!” contest is a real nursing vet. Check out her hilarious list that defines the ol’ school nurse.

You might be an “ol’ school” nurse if…

10. You still abbreviate everything.

9. You enjoy giving IM Demerol vs. pain pumps.

8. You’re older than the doctors you work with.

7. You tell the whining new nurses that you took care of 30 pt. vs. 6.

6. “Treatment Nurse,” “Med Wound Nurse”…what is that? You did it all!

5. You’ll give your patients a bedpan and don’t wait for an aide.

4. Your starting salary was $3.50/hour when factory workers made $5.

3. The way you checked sugar levels was with a dipstick.

2. You don’t recognize the sound of an IV pump (you never used them).

1. You wore white caps, uniform, shoes and hose, and NEVER wore them in public.

This list is by Sabrina Allen, LPN.

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