You might be an “ol’ school” nurse if…

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The latest winner of our “Win Your Top 10 List on a Mug!” contest is a real nursing vet. Check out her hilarious list that defines the ol’ school nurse.

You might be an “ol’ school” nurse if…

10. You still abbreviate everything.

9. You enjoy giving IM Demerol vs. pain pumps.

8. You’re older than the doctors you work with.

7. You tell the whining new nurses that you took care of 30 pt. vs. 6.

6. “Treatment Nurse,” “Med Wound Nurse”…what is that? You did it all!

5. You’ll give your patients a bedpan and don’t wait for an aide.

4. Your starting salary was $3.50/hour when factory workers made $5.

3. The way you checked sugar levels was with a dipstick.

2. You don’t recognize the sound of an IV pump (you never used them).

1. You wore white caps, uniform, shoes and hose, and NEVER wore them in public.

This list is by Sabrina Allen, LPN.

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7 Responses to You might be an “ol’ school” nurse if…

  1. rhona davis

    Seems to me some of the newer younger ones are very brash (Still) and go for the jugular. They believe they know everything because they went to nursing school. It would be nice if they could blend together and respect the experienced nurses and visa versa as the new graduates bring new knowledge but the experienced nurses have well “experience”….we have to work together.

  2. “ol skool” loved this and have experienced what you are talking about too rhona, respect…what a concept. I respect the newbies realizing they have things they can teach me because we never stop learning…..but the ego (or fear) and ageism in our profession is only damaging it….I hear stories from classmates, yep still in school, r/t new grads not being able to synthesize and prioritze and they relate it to not having “experienced” staff to guide and mentor……..teach ya the things you didn’t learn in school….just saying

  3. Katz Heitmann

    I’m having to deal with a crazy dementia patient but even before the maniac arrived I understood learning was a life long deal and everyone is both a teacher and a student on this earth. Those who deny they are students are lousy teachers and those who deny they are teachers are fools.

  4. Vicki

    You might be an “ol’ school” nurse if…
    love this…….. I have a few to add
    ..have had to wait for the mercury to rise to take a temp
    ..have made rounds with the doctor because he asked
    ..gotten up for the doctor to sit down instead of just sitting there chatting
    ..had to have an order to obtain a pulse ox
    ..wait 1 hour for a stat blood sugar
    ..know how to order tests and chart when the computer system crashes

  5. Lea Bentley

    a few more….

    …you bought one pair of “clinics” and that meant you were going to remain in the nursing field one more year.

    …not only did you get up so the docs could sit, you brought them an ashtray to the station.

    …Candy Stripers worked in the hospital

  6. redrose11453

    That’s me…sigh….I know I’ve been in the biz for awhile….but this made me feel old! LOL

  7. PatriceMarie

    Gloves were an option, not a requirement.