You’ll never believe the “gift” one nurse was presented with on the job!


What’s the best part of being a business owner? Honestly, I always felt “ownership” in the development and success of the company. But it is very nice to have an actual stake in the company.

What’s the funniest thing anyone’s ever said to you on the job? Apparently, there were several directors that came and went prior to my hiring. One of the staff told me that “I wouldn’t last three months!” That was 30 years ago!

Can you share an “only in nursing!” story from your own career with us? When I first started, I had never cared for children—in fact, pediatrics terrified me. (Have you ever seen those tiny trachs?!) Who knew that the majority of our patients would be technology-dependent children? 

If you could have dinner with any nurse–real or fictional, living or not–who would it be and why? I’d love to have dinner with Mary Grace DiGiorgi RN, who was our VP of pediatric services for many years, until her untimely death 10 years ago.  She was so committed to “the little ones,” as she would call the pediatric patients. Mary Grace was funny, dedicated, creative and so wise. I would tell her how much she’s meant not only to me and our organization, but also to the many children that we’ve cared for.

What’s one moment from your nursing career that you’ll never forget–either inspiring or humorous? Well, Mary Grace and I always said that we should write a book called It’s Never the Vent! based upon the many stories of providing care for technology-dependent individuals and families. Our favorite was the day that Mary Grace went above and beyond to arrange to have a complex child go home with nursing care. The family was so grateful that they gave her a gift as a token of appreciation. It was a baggie with white powder(!). She graciously declined, but thanked them for their generosity.


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