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Entire books can (and have!) been written on nursing careers. But one blogger synthesized his into just six words. We asked our Facebook fans to sum up their careers thus far in one brief sentence—read on for their funny, honest and heartfelt responses!

A career of ongoing education. 🙂
Lori Pope

Fed my kids, fed my soul.
Patrice Wassmann

Sandra Ochoa

The best thing fate dragged me into!
Tina Lucky

Wildest ride this side of legal!
Stephanie Roman Lovell

I’d like to wring my high school guidance counselor’s neck.
Lori Beiter Halker

What’s in store for me tonight?
Sandy Hanes Rebeske

What a long, strange trip it’s been.
Tracy Lee Brenner

I love watching patients get better!
Carol Hannibal

Love being a nurse, hate always being understaffed.
Becky Anderson

Won some, lost some, had fun.
Patricia Mungovan Herbas

Never a dull moment!!! LOVE nursing!!!
Marcella K. Turner

How would you sum up your entire nursing career in one brief sentence?

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