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Every hospital has its fair share of personalities, including (of course) the very people who make it run…nurses! But on the days when you’re feeling a little down-and-out—or just tired as all get-out—sometimes you may need the help of an additional personality to make it through your shift. We asked our Facebook fans which personalities they take on at work to help give them an energy boost or a mood lift…find out who your fellow nurses are channeling when they’re rockin’ it (or running around like crazy!) at work.

Forrest Gump: Everywhere I go, I am ruunnning!
—Kendra Shelton

The Energizer Bunny…’cuz I just keep on going.
—Rebecca Fetzer

Inspector Gadget…Go Go Gadget healing touch! Always on the lookout for any evidence of problems arising with my patients!
—Kayla Ruth

Wonder Woman…because I CAN do it all, while looking good and with a smile on my face (well, most of the time). 🙂
—Jessica Lowery

The Road Runner would be me…as I am running by, I say, “Beep, beep” so they can get out of my way!
—Patty Eppley Halsey

Spider-Man! I run around the ER like he flies around the city, helping my nurses like he helps his citizens. And doing everything I can to keep a runaway train from running off the tracks…just like he does!
—Samantha Marr

Superwoman!!! With special training in hand-to-hand combat and witty retorts. 🙂
—Chachona Caprice Thomas-Dalton

James Bond: I can round on my residents without making a sound.
—Laura Bassford

Adam Sandler…got to laugh or you will go nuts!
—Yolanda Hodges-Jefferson

I’m Samuel L. Jackson. A badass!!!
—Michelle Turgeon Smythe

Which personalities do you like to take on at work to give yourself a mood boost or extra energy?


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