Your “dozing and confused” moments

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Stockbyte | Brand X Pictures

We’re all well aware that nursing means very little sleep coupled with a whole lot of demands. That said, it should come as no surprise that you are very effective multitaskers, even in your sleep!

It’s true—you can give direction, take calls and even upgrade your cable plan…all with your eyes closed and your PJs on (unless, of course, you never made it into them). Don’t believe us? Check out some of the unusual but likewise impressive things your fellow nurses report having said or done all the way from Dreamland on our Funny Nurses Facebook page.

I used to answer my home phone with “ER, this is Aly.” Got lots of laughs till I woke up and realized what was happening.
—Alyssn N.

I’m an ED nurse. I’ve apparently asked my husband for his health card in my sleep. I’ve also asked if he has any new or worse cough or shortness of breath…triage apparently sticks with me. —Gillian C.

I once ordered HBO after receiving a phone call from the cable company during my day of sleep. Had no memory of doing it. —Michelle M.

I’ve apparently tried to tell my wife about the pressure alarms on the dialysis machine or tried to give a telemetry report in my sleep. Prob. best is trying to verbally cannulate someone, talking them through the process in my sleep. Thank God my wife is an RN, too, lol. —Scott Thomas M.

I have looked at the digital clock in my and my hubby’s bedroom and thought it was a pulse or reading. I have tried putting a CPAP mask on my hubby (he doesn’t have a CPAP) while searching frantically for his CPAP. I have violated my hubby many times. —Rebecca P.

My wife has searched for a line site on me while telling me to quiet down for a big pinch. —Wesley R.

I’m a night nurse and was in my daily semi-coma half naps I get. My son wanted to go to CVS during the day. I told him, “Go ask the aide in the hall. She will take you.” —Christine B.

I am a peds trach/vent nurse. I have [thrown] blankets and pillows on the floor while searching for my tiny patient in my bed! —Rebecca P.

And then there are the nurses who really know how to turn it off….

My husband says I don’t say anything…I just snore…lol. —Yvonne R.

What about you? Are you a notorious “multitasker?” Tell us about it in the comments section below!

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5 Responses to Your “dozing and confused” moments

  1. Paul Simoneau

    Once when my dog was trying to gently wake me to let him outside, I sprang to a seated position and yelled “Morgan, it’s not time for your Dilaudid yet, go back to sleep.” And I laid back to sleep. After which both eyes sprang open as I thought “what the hell did you just say to your dog?”

  2. Lauren Mulcahy

    When I was still studying, I had a friend spend the night, apparently I sat up (in the middle of the night) and started explaining to her how to change her burn dressing.

  3. Dolores Lasko-Potts

    I am a night nurse and my son was moving out of our place, and one day someone called and I apparently talked with them about stuff they wondered if my son wanted. I also doodled on the dishwasher and nothing made sense. I also sleep eat, and hear buzzers and bells when at home. The crazy life of a night nurse!

  4. Maria Palumbo

    I answer my cell phone “5th floor maria speaking, how may help you” . My family thinks Im crazy.

  5. pippyrn

    I once ordered over a hundred dollars worth of travel mugs from qvc while entering slumber after night shift. My husband said I frantically called for him to bring me the credit card to thw bedroom, not knowing what I had done until I got off the phone.