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Your mind playing tricks on you



Dieting stinks. Exercise is either on the top of your list, or on the bottom. We all want to be healthier, but with our work schedules and trying to maintain some sense of a life outside of work…what the heck is a nurse to do?

How about good ole’ fashion trickery?

I’ve said it a few times, the hardest part to losing weight, is knowing how to eat right. It’s pretty obvious when it comes to fast food, or the damaging effects of smoking, or the over abundance of an alcoholic drink. Those are the ‘easy’ decisions to make, there’s no grey area. You know these things are bad for you.

But what if you still can’t seem to get a hold on your health (or weight)?

Trickery I say. Trickery.

Trick your mind and your body into thinking you’re ‘full’ or have had your fill. Most of our ‘slip ups’ and ‘weak’ moments come from caving into that additional serving of food, or indulging when we know we shouldn’t.

My biggest problem years ago was my head being bigger than my stomach – or maybe that was my appetite?

Here are a couple strategies you can use to fend off the bad habits:

Use smaller plates

Smaller plates – smaller portion sizes. We are gluttons for convenience. We love to pile as much food as possible onto our plates. So the more we can get on there in one trip, the better. Well the best way to eliminate the over-indulgence is to trick you mind into thinking you’re eating more than you really are. You also indirectly will have to work harder to eat more this way as well. How many trips are you willing to take?

Drink a full glass of water

Yes, I’m a broken record. Drink a full glass of water before and after each serving. If you are truly that hungry, by all means go for it. Most people are more thirsty than hungry, and besides with a stomach full of water you will definitely eat less food.

Utilize the napkin

This serves the same purpose as the smaller plate. Only fit what you can on the napkin. Remember, no stacking!

Leave the money behind

Most of us love to spend money on more food when we are hungry. If you don’t have the money to spend, you won’t over indulge. Only bring the money you know you need, if it’s a true emergency, utilize the credit card/debit card.

Bring it with you

At every possible opportunity, bring your food with you. Pre-plan, pre-pack and prepare. When you prepare you get to choose what food you eat, instead of letting the limited availability of food choose it for you. You’d be amazed at how well this works.

These suggestions you can utilize anywhere you go, work, home, picnics, road-trips, conferences, etc. Have a plan of attack. Failure to plan is planning to fail in my book. The best part of these suggestions is there simplicity. Best of luck out there.

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