Your scrubby awards


We at Scrubs magazine created the Scrubby Awards so that people could say: “Finally, a perfect way to award the nurse in my life with something s/he truly deserves.”
We’ve been delighted that nurses have been sending each other Scrubbies every day and sharing them with us editors.




To celebrate you and your creativity, we’d like to showcase some of our favorites:

“Are You Flirting with Your Classmate?” Award

“Social Media Addict” Award

“Staying Awake on Duty” Award

“You Know, I Like Working With You” Award

“Role Model” Award

“Your Patients Appreciate You” Award

We invite you to make a fellow nurse laugh or just let her know she’s appreciated for all she does by sending her a Scrubby. If you’d like for us to showcase your own genius, click “share” when you make your Scrubby here!

If you’ve received a Scrubby that you think is particularly wonderful, send it to he***@sc*******.com.


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