WATCH: 5 videos every nurse should see

Image: Daniel Sroga | © Veer Incorporated

Summer is here, but that doesn’t necessarily mean our schedules are any less hectic. My kids are out of school and I’m taking a summer break before completing my RN to BSN program in the fall, but I’ll be teaching an ER nurse course next week and a football injury class in August. I’m also working on articles for two different journals and laying the groundwork for an IV study in the fall. I’ve volunteered for the medical team at the Special Olympics here in Lincoln, Neb., this summer, and of course I’ll be working my night shifts in the ER. To say I have the summer “off” is laughable!

Does your summer sound like mine?

It definitely feels like summer calls for a special treat. To all of my fellow nurses I offer my favorite videos. That is to say, my favorite medical- and nursing—themed nuggets from YouTube and elsewhere on the Internet. I present them in the spirit of fun and encourage you to share the links with others. Enjoy!

1. ER Nurse Rap
2. Scrubs musical number – “Everything comes down to poo!”
3. Glottal Opera

4. An Horse’s music video, “Postcards”
5. The award winning HBO movie, Wit

Video #1: Weirdest thing you’ve seen in the ER? How about rapping nurses…

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