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Stirring the plot

Who is your favorite nurse hero? Vote for yours ›

To spy or not to spy?

Are cameras in a patient's room going too far? Take our poll ›

Sing another tune!

Check out some inspiring nurses in the media. Read more ›

Shift Change - Nurse to Congresswoman

As nurse Carolyn McCarthy (D-NY) finishes up her long tenure in Congress, we wanted to take a look at other politically minded nurses, past and present. Read more ›

Code Happy!

The Code Happy App is your community where you can call for and send support. Download the app ›

The DAISY Awards

The DAISY Award provides healthcare leaders the means to highlight all the "right" going on in their organizations. Send a shout out! ›

Beauty 911!

Ask your own beauty question and may get an answer from our expert. Send in your questions ›

Germ Warfare!

As a nurse, you see all too closely the effects of our ongoing battle with hospital acquired infections (HAIs) and antibiotic resistance. What can you do?

Suit Yourself

Katie Duke has her own show on the scrubsBeat YouTube channel! Watch the episodes ›

The Emotionally Competent Nurse

How do you keep your emotions in check? Tell us ›

Advancing Your Career

Want more advance on how to get ahead in your career? Read our favorite tips ›

Life Imitates Art

See Jack Sewell, RN's award-winning art in this image gallery.

Say What?

What do you hear or read on a weekly (or daily) basis that drives you batty? Read a few of Head Nurse Jo's